How to Make Your Small Kitchen More Functional


Are u complaining of having a small kitchen? You should be thinking it is such a hazel to keep it neat and organized. Of course there are measure you could take in utilizing every square inch of your kitchen, read how to make use of your kitchen more efficiently.

1How to Make a Small Kitchen Work Better

Make sure you make purchases of kitchen dishes and utensils that could be hanged so that you can make use of the vertical space of your kitchen. This will help you in having a well – organized kitchen. You can also use the space in front of the curtain to hang light utensils, helps to organize space in your small kitchen.

2Make Use of the Space around Your Fridge

If you have considerate space behind the refrigerator and the wall make smart use of this by storing canned goods and other nonperishable kitchen essentials.

3A Folding Kitchen Table Can Create More Counter Space

Making use of convenient furniture is also important, a folding kitchen table is the most ideal. You can use it when you require and fold it back and bring in more space without crowding the area. A folding table, like this one you can DIY, will make you great.

4An Over the Sink Cutting Board

How easy can things get when working in a small kitchen space, less moving about since everything is just easily reachable. Placing the chopping board over the sink is another point to add to your small kitchen. It easily helps the washing before and after use too.

5Create Kitchen Storage in a Nearby Room

If you think your small kitchen is too congested, consider slotting a small part of a room next to the kitchen by inserting a closet. Perhaps, you can use this space to have your utensils in case you use big volumes, you can also use this space to store nonperishable items, tools you tend to use occasionally only.

6Make the Most of Kitchen Corners

Have you considered using the corners of your kitchen? Or have you just ignored saying, “not enough of space”? If so, you could try inserting shelves to stack your kitchen essentials. Make sure you use all the underutilized areas of your small kitchen making sure it is well organized and appealing.


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