Is planning your day a difficult task? Find out how you can make a productive day and also have excess time in hand.

Octopus in Business

They plot out a week’s worth of outfits.

Are you the typical type who stares into your closet trying to wonder what to wear? Well, surely the majority of you must be in that crowed. Arrange your under garments, shirt, jacket and pants into one hanger. This way you can save the morning hazel and you don’t even need to run about searching for you’re under garments.

2. They keep at least three lists.

You must be a busy parent, especially when you are single parenting it is very difficult to keep your work and your kids work organized. It’s therefore beneficial to keep three to-do-lists. One obviously the physical day planner, secondly a Google calendar that gives you alerts before appointments and a magnetic calendar to your refrigerator so that everyone could fill in their plans and everyone will be informed of each other’s routines.

3. They have a great system for storing gear.

Make things easy to handle by have a well-organized procedure. Have a tub with labels of kid’s names or names of activities so that your kids and you could put in the things needed for an activity. Example, all items needed to go for basketball practices in one tub, all items needed for swimming and likewise. Makes life easy, not forgetting anything, not time-consuming and creating less or no hazel.

4. They expect someone to throw up in the car.

Going on time for meetings and dropping your kids in school on time is very important; it can save you from losing an important project and your kids from getting that “late” mark. Therefore it is sound to leave home at least 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. Since instances such as car break downs, spilling coffee while having breakfast are sudden happenings. But when you have started things early such happening could also be corrected and reach your destination right on time.

5.  They use the microwave timer for more than cooking.

Managing time when transforming from task A to task B can be a big challenge. Have a timer, on your oven or on your mobile phone. Always, try to overestimate your time whenever possible. This not only does prevent you from “losing track of time,” but also it has the added benefit of allowing them to be totally present for the moment.

6.  They wield their phone like a pro.

Today technology and mobile phone applications are well advanced and I am sure you are among the trendy technology users. If you are not, I suggest it’s time for you to step in, since you will be guaranteed with enough time-saving. Out of the hundreds of mobile applications you find in your store, try using daily planner applications, they have added gadgets to make your day productive.


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