Are you planning of bringing a dog home, but you have a question of keeping your dog happy and your home clean?


How to Keep Your Dog from Wrecking Your Home                                                           

Dogs are sometimes treated as a stress reliever when you see them run to you when you come home from work. And of course some people hate dogs too. Keeping your home clean when there is a doggy is a challenge, pet hair, dirty paws and the funky smell. But nothing is impossible unless you make a decent effort to try.

Solution: Tired Dogs are Less Messy

Make sure you give your dog the exercise he requires to stretch himself, physical and mental exercise is important. And a less of each will make a dog destructive. You will observe indoor behavior such as chewing your belongings, which can create a bit of a problem.

Tip: Keep Dog Toys Clean

Make sure you keep clean all the toys your dog uses, since bacteria could rest on them affecting your dog’s health. To remove germs on plastic toys use warm water and soap an after washing them soak the toys on white vinegar for an hour and take them back after a quick rinse.

Solution: Regular Grooming

You surely don’t like your dog to be a dirty, smelly dog who could make your home a stinky mess. Regular grooming, like bathing and brushing, will keep your home tidier while preventing serious health issues associated with poor doggy hygiene. You need to bath your dog at least once a month but before doing so consult with your veterinarian.

Tip: Make the Tub a Happy Place

If you have trained you dog to a wash on a tub make sure you do things in a way that he gets into the tub. Throwing his favorite ball into the tub is one example. However if you bath him using a garden pipe it will be a more convenient approach than getting him into a tub.

Solution: Dog Proofing Your Home

You can dog – proof your home by using washable rugs and cotton canvas drop clothes, of course you need to train your dog to stay on the rug after each walk. Therefore this way you could make sure that he doesn’t bring debris into your house.

Tip: Doggy Outer wear

You often will have to use outer wear on your dog when the weather is bad or even if you are taking him for a doggy event. You can use “pawz waterproof bootees”, to avoid unwanted dirty on your dog’s paws and easily avoid them entering your home too.


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