A schedule for your home


Schedules do not sound very exciting.However when you have schedule you know how to make the most of your day. Now making a schedule doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do everything at given times, you can make it work around the time.

It is best if you make your schedule with the bigger events that take a larger part of your time, for an example, meal times, and bed times.

Having a schedule you will be able to work around your existing family activities will help you create a functional schedule. The following are a few ways to get the most of your day.

Step back and observe

It is important to first get a clear idea about how you use your time. Check the times you have your meals and generally go to be, see when you are most active and when you slow down. Look at your child; see when he gets tired or bored. This way you can create a more compatible schedule.

Set your child on the clock.

Your child will sleep better if he is put on a schedule. The child would get drowsy after going to bed at the same time on a few days. It is generally agreed that toddlers aged 3-6 needs 6 to 10 hours of sleep, a child between 7 to 12 years need around 10 or 11 hours of sleep. Adolescents on the other hand require around 8 hours of sleep.

Mark the regular

Mark those regular events that are easy to mark on the schedule, kids recitals, tuition classes, alms-giving’s and get to gather’s can be easily marked.

Regulate meals

Meals are very important to be planned. It is absolutely necessary to have at least one family meal a day; therefore it is necessary to mark a time that is convenient for all so that no one has to rush for dinner.

Quiet time

Studies are not all that matters in a child’s growth. No matter how small they are give them some space for themselves so that they will learn how to use time to suit their needs. Quiet time can work as an excellent relaxation technique for older children and the ideal break for you and your husband to contemplate.

Work-out Time

You, your husband and your kids need to lead an active life style. Make sure your kids have time to do a sport. Lavish you and your husband with some time to spend at the gym or at a yoga class

Family time

Allocate some time for your family to be together, typically after dinner. Do away with distractions like the Television or your phone. Spend the time to talk, discuss and exchange daily experiences. This will allow your family to bond.

Time for the self

It is extremely important that all your family members have some time to themselves. Family is great, but, everyone needs some space to indulge in activities they enjoy doing.


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